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MissionExclusive, thematic exhibitions are organised for visitors and collectors, in the Gallery’s attractive exhibition rooms. Several non-profit exhibitions have been held in the past years, attracting many tens of thousands of visitors.

Our non-profit exhibitions so far:


MissionWe consider one of the foremost tasks to be fulfilled by our Gallery is the issuing of various publications, including monographs that should have been published long ago. Hence, we participate in the elaboration of such publications and provide funding for them. Our Gallery fosters excellent relations with private collectors, and has a unique database, therefore no significant exhibition can be organised or no important publications can be issued without the Gallery's assistance. The Judit Virág Gallery offered financial support in the issuing of several publications, including monographs, and helped public museums to organise exhibitions by lending artworks owned by the gallery.

Exhibitions held by the Judit Virág Gallery and albums published in connection with these exhibitions:

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