| Purchasing at an auction

Purchasing at an auction

The Gallery organises three auctions annually at the Budapest Congress Centre for high quality Hungarian paintings and Zsolnay ceramics. The limited lot number and the strict selection ensure high quality items and a fast-paced auction. The items for sale are exhibited prior to the auction in the impressive, 450 square-metre, three-level gallery at number 30, Falk Miksa Street, one of the most beautiful galleries in Budapest.

Purchasing at an auctionFor each auction a catalogue containing research data based on a large amount of art history documents is published and can be purchased in the Gallery or ordered by mail. The on-line version of the catalogues is available on the Gallery’s homepage.

The Judit Virág Gallery was the first in Hungary to introduce the Anglo-Saxon estimated value system used all over the world. The main idea is that parallel to the starting price, the lots have an estimated value indicated. In some, well-grounded cases, the Gallery accepts limit prices, which cannot be less than the lowest estimated value.

If you cannot or do not wish to participate at the auction personally, you have the option to issue a purchase authorisation or to bid on the phone. Please contact us during the auction exhibition at info@viragjuditgaleria.hu e-mail or call (+36-1) 312-2071.

E-mail: info@viragjuditgaleria.hu