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Private sale

Private saleIf you wish to sell your painting or Zsolnay ceramics outside the framework of an auction we can offer our private sale service. The Gallery will contact potential buyers in a discrete manner, achieving the best possible offer for you. The Gallery’s network of national and international partners ensures the swiftest sale at the highest possible price.

The Gallery would be pleased to give you an estimate of the value of a painting which fits into the Gallery’s profile, free of charge. Please contact our experts on the phone or personally, or fill out the online data sheet and we will get back to you soon.

If you prefer to send a photograph of the painting you wish to sell, we need the following:

The gallery’s staff will consider your wishes as far as possible and will give you recommendations concerning the price.

You will be provided with recommendations on restoration and framing, if necessary. Furthermore, the art historians working for the Gallery will carry out the necessary background research in order to make sure that your painting is sold at the highest possible price.

E-mail: info@viragjuditgaleria.hu