Would you like to know the value of the artwork that you own? Dr. Judit Virág art historian and judicial appraiser, along with art historians of the gallery (link to experts) with decade long experience will be happy to assist you.

Our staff serves you with an estimate of paintings belonging to the gallery’s profile. Fill out the online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are sending us a picture of the painting offered for sale, we would need the followings:

  • a visible photo of the painting
  • a visible photo of the signature
  • the dimensions of the painting without the frame
  • any other data, if available / details of prior exhibitions, labels glued on the back of the piece, history of the painting, etc.

With an arranged appointment, our experts are giving valuations in person free of charge.


  • The gallery offers valuations of artworks belonging to its profile solely. For a list of artists in our profile, please visit
  • Based on the photos, the gallery serves with approximate values. For the actual valuation and authentication, personal examination is always required.