How to Sell?

Our gallery will help you sell your painting or Zsolnay ceramics at the highest price.

Check out our brief introduction video showing step-by-step how you can easily sell on the auctions of Virág Judit Gallery:

  1. Appraisal
  2. Shipping
  3. Auction
  4. Payment

Why Virág Judit Gallery?

  • The auction reaches the highest market price for the given artwork
  • Extensive domestic and international customer base
  • Outstanding results, auction record prices
  • The absolute Hungarian auction record
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unparalleled experience in the art market
  • Our staff will provide assistance and information throughout the selling process

The team

  • Experienced, acknowledged colleagues
  • Collaborating with the best experts in the field
  • Qualified marketing and PR specialists
  • Professional and accomplished auctioneer

1. Appraisal

Whether it's a work of art or a whole collection that fits into our profile:

  • Request a valuation through our online system (link)
  • Personally in our gallery (link)

Minding your ideas, we make a proposal for the starting price and the estimate of the artwork.
If necessary, the piece will be restored and framed. Our art historians carry out the necessary background research so that your artwork can be sold at the highest price.

2. Shipping

If you need help with shipping, please contact our colleague. (link)

3. Auction

We will conclude a contract with you before the auction. Under the terms of the contract, we sell the item and inform you about the remuneration, which concerns the commission of the auction house, insurance, storage, transportation, restoration, framing and cataloguing.

4. Payment

After the auction, we will notify you of the hammer price your artwork received. 14 working days after the auction, we will start the payment to the submitter. The gallery’s commission and any restoration costs that may occur would be deducted from the hammer price.