Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale

Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale

Our Contemporary Art Sale comprises a core line-up of Hungarian artworks of the eighties and nineties: headlined by iconic pieces by artists strongly canonized (such as Dóra Maurer, Ilona Keserü, László Lakner, István Nádler, Tamás Hencze or Imre Bak) along with representatives of the younger generation. Gábor Dienes, Gábor Nagy, El Kazovszkij, Péter Ujházi or members of the Lajos Vajda Studio - whose only common ground perhaps is being and staying figurative. Followers of the abstract tradition will not remain behind either, works by Tamás Konok, István Haász, Ferenc Lantos, Ákos Matzon will be available to bid online for.


Online auction: April 24 at 7 p.m.
Preview: April 12-22, daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (if the current regulations allow)
Venue: Virág Judit Gallery

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Bak, Imre

Csontváry, 1992

Acrylic on canvas

Ef., Zámbó István

Icon Telling a Dream, 1973

Ink, aquarelle on paper

El, Kazovszkij

Untitled, from the 1970s

Tempera, chalk on papr

Fiedler Ferenc

Untitled, 1963

Oil on canvas

Hencze, Tamás

Structure, 1975

Acrylic on paper

Lakner, László

Whitman, 1981

Gouache, wax on vellum paper

Maurer, Dóra

Dam project, 1993

Acrylic on coloured photograph

Nádler, István

Feketebács No. 11., 1987

Oil on canvas

Ujházi Péter

Work, 1990

Mixed technique on wood-fibre