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Classic exhibition

Private Sale


Exhibition: June 12 – July 30
Venue: Virág Judit Gallery

The main piece of the former Bedő Collection, Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar’s Group crossing the Bridge, will be on display between the 12th and the 30th of June in Virág Judit Gallery, where four exhibitions will be held simultaneously. Works of Mattis Teutsch János – the outstanding figure of the avant-garde – will be exhibited, through the most complete and comprehensive, Éber Miklós Collection. At the same time, Radák Eszter’s newest paintings and the complete oeuvre of Demény Miklós will be on display. On top of that, an exhibition of 13 artworks, including Csontváry, Rippl-Rónai József, Keserü Ilona, Maurer Dóra, Bak Imre, Lakner László and Nádler István will be available to view for the public. All artworks exhibited will be for sale.

The works of Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar rarely appear in the art market. Group crossing the Bridge last appeared at Virág Judit Gallery’s auction in 2006. Ever since, it has been in a private collection. The symbolism of this work has long been researched, however, so far nobody has been able to uncover it. The painting with its dynamic composition depicts dreamy figures, hunters, horse riders, clowns, a mother holding her child and unsteady men. Group crossing the Bridge is among Csonváry’s works that he hid from the public in his rented pharmacy. The public first saw the work in 1930, 11 years after the painter’s death, at an exhibition in the Ernst Museum. The painting can now be seen again at the exhibition of Virág Judit Gallery’s selected works, among one of Rippl-Rónai József’s most beautiful “corn-style” paintings, Anella holding a Flower, as well as exceptional works from Nádler István, Keserü Ilona, Maurer Dóra, Fajó János, Fehér László, Lakner László and Bak Imre.