Eszter Radák: Sunsets, mesmerized eyes
Contemporary exhibition

Eszter Radák: Sunsets, mesmerized eyes


Date: The exhibition is on view from 06/09/2023, until 23/09/2023, Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm., Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm.
Venue: Virág Judit Gallery

Eszter Radák (1971, Budapest) presents her latest works from the past two years in a solo exhibition titled as Sunsets, mesmerized eyes at Virág Judit Gallery. Eszter Radák is one of the best known and most respected artists of the Hungarian contemporary scene, who has been painting for more than 30 years. She is a lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and her works are part of prestigious private and public collections. Compared to her previous series and digital paintings, the current ones are oilier in a „Radakian way”. The motifs have become more independent, the spaces of the paintings have widened and enlarged.  It is now possible to divide a single work into several images, each valid in itself, which can be fragmented, viewed from above, and interpreted in reverse as well. In this cycle, the order of forms is more hierarchical, and the view is often more abstract than before. The dominant colour now is red, which is a wild colour. In addition to the expressiveness, due to the colour red there is a more powerful effect of the works.

“There are lots of taboos, or the tabooing of taboo In Hungarian painting. A good example could be the painting of sunsets, which is so embarrassing that we don’t even talk about it anymore. In my work this theme appears several times, always in a different way, a recurring motif. I try to find that balance where the retina hurts but we stay within the boundaries of good taste. With these images I am no longer at war with others, but with myself, with my own knowledge and experience. Can the tools I learned and mastered back then still be relevant? In fact, what is happening now is the dismantling and rebuilding of my own classical language of painting” – Eszter Radák