Paris-Baia Mare 1904-1914, The Fauves and the Neos

This upcoming fall Virág Judit Gallery holds an exhibition titled as Paris-Baia Mare 1904-1914, presenting works by young Hungarian painters living in Paris and Baia Mare, heavily inspired by the French Fauvists. The exhibition will be on view October 26 – November 18 in Virág Judit Gallery.

We are looking for paintings for the exhibition created between 1904 and 1914 by the following artists: Tibor Boromisza, Géza Bornemisza, Béla Czóbel, Béla Iványi Grünwald, Valéria Dénes, Sándor Galimberti, Vilmos Huszár, Mária Lanow, József Nemes-Lampérth, Vilmos Csaba-Perlrott, József Pechán, Lajos Tihanyi and Sándor Ziffer.